Tila Tequila 2 – Backdoored And Squirting

This is the second sex tape from Reality TV personality Tila Tequila. As you may recall, she was the first celeb to engage in lesbian sex in one of these movies. That was quite a hot movie. Now she is back to show that she desires the dick every bit as much as she craves the coochie. In this movie, Tila sucks, fucks, squirts and takes it in the backdoor. While she’s not the first celeb to try anal on camera, it’s still rare enough to make it noteworthy. Tila is probably the most porn-ready celeb we have ever seen in this genre. She just has that look and fuck, is she hot! Most the action in this one is shot POV style which gives us great eye contact. Tila plays to the camera really well and is a good dirty talker as well. Her body is fantastic and that pussy is amazing. It’s tight, it’s pretty and she really loves having it pounded. Since squirting is mentioned in the title, there are two different squirt shots during the eighty minutes of action. Tila has a very juicy slit and isn’t afraid to explode all over herself. Anal is also mentioned and she takes it in the backdoor. Tila is tight in the front so you can imagine the ass. Good anal here for sure. Tila is playful and sells the idea that this is a romantic home tape. I am pretty sure that’s Mr. Pete doing the fucking though. (If so, that makes two celebs he has helped bang on film, the last one being Montana Fishburne.) Overall this is a very hot sex tape. Tila is made for porn; she’s petite, cute, sexually adventurous, nasty and really takes a pounding. We can only hope that this is the second of at least a few more from this hot little bombshell.

Tila Tequila 2 – Backdoored And Squirting

Tila’s man shows up at her place on their anniversary. He makes a joke about paparazzi outside and follows her around. She is wearing some tiny shorts and a little shirt that leaves her belly exposed. Tila is a great tease and slowly gets naked, showing off her thin, smooth, totally made for porn body. Spreading her legs she is ready now for some finger play. Tila helps out while he talks to her and adds his digits occasionally. The finger play intensifies until she squirts all over herself. Climbing out of the puddle, Tila drops to her knees and starts sucking. Her face is super pretty and those eyes are fantastic. She looks up into the camera like she knows just how good it looks to see her with cock in her mouth. Yeah, she’s played this game before my friends. He gets on top of her and they exchange some hot loving dirty talk. She says that she loves him over and over and cums hard while being slammed. The POV footage is good as she raises her legs up over her head and then spreads them as wide as she can. He grabs her throat telling her to tell him when she doesn’t want it any more. Flipping her over, he admires her ass and then pulls her back on him in doggy. Again the camerawork is outstanding and Tila fucks like a true porn star. He has her spread and finger her own asshole while calling him daddy. This is quite the kinky scene and definitely takes the sexual action well beyond the usual celebrity sex tape fodder. After a hard pounding she wants a cigarette and goes to the window naked. There are still people outside, but he bends her over and fucks her at the window. Knowing people are watching makes Tila cum again.

Tila changes clothes for the second half of the movie. She plants some heavy lipstick kisses near his dick and sings its praises before slipping it into her mouth. The POV oral footage is super hot as she gets him hard enough to climb on and ride. She looks so good up there and really lays it on thick. They move to the bed where it’s finally time for him to go after that “tiny little ass.” He fucks her from behind and has her spread her ass and play with the hole. Flipping her over, he fucks her hard while she keeps talking dirty. After another big squirt and some choking, it is time for the anal. Tila throws her legs back and calls him daddy as she takes his meat in her tight little butthole. Her fingers are working her clit while he fucks her ass. The hard anal looks great, but ends with no cumshot.

They play around in the bathroom with Tila doing a British accent pretending to be her sister Ashley. He gets the camera in close, works her pussy over and makes her cum. That little hole is just that, super tiny, very tight and getting wetter by the second. After that she comes out in braids and a sexy little pink outfit for a final round. This time around she sucks his balls as well as his throbbing shaft. When she climbs on top, he comments again on how tight her pussy is. Some of the camera shots aren’t the best at this point, but it gets us to the end. Tila goes down to her knees and sucks that cock into her sexy little face. She sucks and licks the balls while he gets ready. At the right moment she opens her mouth, takes his load on her tongue and swallows like the perfect little slut she is. Bravo Tila.

Tila Tequila 2 %E2%80%93 Backdoored And Squirting - Tila Tequila 2 – Backdoored And Squirting

Tila Tequila 2 – Backdoored And Squirting

Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen (born October 24, 1981), better known by her stage names Tila Tequila, Tila Nguyen and Miss Tila, is an American model, television personality, singer, songwriter, actress, writer and blogger. Born in Singapore and raised in Houston, Texas, she first moved to California in 2001, to pursue her modeling career. After being featured in Playboy, she began appearing in numerous men’s magazines, including Stuff and Maxim. She made her reality television debut on the VH1 show Surviving Nugent (2003). Her active presence on the social networking websites made her the most popular artist on Myspace and Nguyen was soon offered by MTV to star in her own reality television show. Her bisexual-themed dating show, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila (2007), aired for two seasons and became MTV’s second highest-rated series premiere of that year. In 2015, Tequila became one of the housemates on the sixteenth season of Channel 5 reality series Celebrity Big Brother.

Besides her career in modeling and television, Tequila is also a recording artist and author. After being the lead singer of the bands, Beyond Betty Jean and Jealousy, she decided to pursue a solo career. Her debut EP, Sex was released in 2007. She followed up with the release of singles, “I Love U”, “Stripper Friends” and “Paralyze”, to a moderate commercial success. In 2010, she released her second EP Welcome to the Dark Side. Her book, Hooking Up With Tila Tequila: A Guide to Love, Fame, Happiness, Success, and Being the Life of the Party was published in 2008.

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